SATIN OR SILK: Three Spring Makeup Looks

Thursday, October 4

Three Spring Makeup Looks

Liven up your Spring beauty routine with a new makeup look...


If you're scared to try bold winged eyeliner, keep the face and lips simple with nude colours. Use products like a natural-looking blush, illuminating pen and/or glossy lip colour to keep your face glowing and not flat.

Gold Eyes

Great for blue or brown eyes but suits almost any eye or skin colour. Just add a light dusting of bronzer and a nude lip.

Blue and Bronze Eyes

I love these colours together and they really make brown or blue eyes pop. Try using small amounts of each colour for a more subtle look or even just a teal eyeliner for an easy pop of colour. 
Spring Beauty Looks

1 comment:

  1. Ooh la la, I love the gold eyes! I just picked up a glittery gold liquid liner for $1 from E.L.F. so I can't wait to try that out.


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