SATIN OR SILK: How to Look Less Seedy on Saturday Morning

Saturday, November 10

How to Look Less Seedy on Saturday Morning

Whether you've had a late night and been called into work the next day or couldn't resist going to that after party (even though you had a 5am flight) these tips are for you...

1} Wear white

While it may not have been the most practical choice at your recent party, wearing white around your face will help brighten your complexion and help you look more awake.

Wear White

2} Conceal, conceal and conceal again

Use a concealer with yellow undertones to cancel out dark circles and add your usual foundation or a concealer matching your skin tone over the top if needed. An illuminating pen can also help to lessen the appearance of bags.

Concealing Dark Circles

3} Pony up

Got greasy hair? Dry shampoo is the obvious fix for this hair dilemma, but if all that rice starch just ain't gonna cut it, slick your hair back into a high ponytail. A bristle brush will help to distribute the natural oils through your hair and headband or scarf helps to disguise dirty hair to.

And hey, there's always hats.

Pony Up

4} Slide on some shades

While they may scare off customers or give your manager the wrong idea, sunglasses can work for most other situations. And the best part? It's totally trendy to wear a pair that cover half your face!

5} Eat!

Breakfast is the most essential step of your getting ready routine and if you're feeling unwell because your hungry, then you definitely won't look good. My easiest ever breakfast is a cereal with puffed rice, grains and bran (or, you know, you could just use muesli) with a couple of dessert spoons of greek yoghurt. Just be sure to avoid anything with crap-loads of sugar in it and you're good.

Hope these tips help! What are yours?   

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