SATIN OR SILK: Wardrobe Essentials for Aussies

Saturday, January 26

Wardrobe Essentials for Aussies

In celebration of Australia Day, let's take a few moments to put our hand's to our chest and reflect on the 5 wardrobe essentials that every Aussie guy and girl should own.


For adding a little extra modesty to your bikini bottoms. Only permitted as street wear if you're desperate for pants after forgetting to do the washing on holiday. 


A lightweight, water-resistant jacket is a must have for unpredictable weather. Stick to neutrals and make sure to get a size which fits you well. Jackets with belts are great for adding shape but avoid fur trims at all costs, you are not an Eskimo.


I can not stress enough the importance of sun safety! And when it comes to race day, I also think that a nice hat looks much more elegant than a fascinator (IMHO).    


Yes, I know, again with the sun safety. But these are important too. Not only does sun damage give you wrinkles, but so does squinting in the sun! A cool pair of sunglasses will ad instant style to whatever you're wearing. Even if that's footy shorts and a singlet.

Hats and Sunnies


noun, plural toga. Just kidding.

1. An outfit designed for swimming in pools, dams or the ocean.
2. Dreaded garment from hell. (But it doesn't have to be!) 

What are your wardrobe essentials?

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