SATIN OR SILK: 5 Articles that Every Woman Needs to Read Now

Sunday, February 24

5 Articles that Every Woman Needs to Read Now

In today's world, it can be easy for us to forget what's happening outside of the local news. Or maybe even outside of Pinterest...

So for anyone who wants to take a break from their over-sized sunnies and Starbucks for a moment, whether it be to gain some serious life inspiration or maybe just appreciate your own situation more; read on.

I first saw this Channel 4 News report about Pakistan's honor killings on World News Australia last night and was so shocked by it that I knew I had to write this post. I realised that I had become so wrapped up in my daily activities that I was far less aware of foreign affairs than I had previously assumed. In this report, a Pakistani man shares the story of an honor killing which claimed the lives of his wife and two small children. Please be warned that this broadcast is distressing.

Award-winning ABC journalist Sally Sara will be documenting the life stories of twelve inspirational Asian women this year in her Mama Asia special. The stories will be published one a month and the first to featured is on Colonel Latifa Nabizada: Afghanistan's first woman military helicopter pilot.

I was saddened and concerned to read Love Maegan's latest blog post yesterday. Maegan wrote of her struggle with infertility and the negative thoughts that surround her at times. While we all wish that she (or anyone) didn't have to deal with this, I'm sure that many women in the same position will find great support in this post as well as the many other writings on infertility that Maegan shares on her site. Personally, I'm still far too young to have possibly experienced this hardship myself, but I found it comforting to read that someone else - someone I see as a career role model - is also occasionally plagued by negative feelings and self-doubt. Anyone dealing with depression, anxiety or any kind of personal struggle should read this (I guess that means everyone.)

I enjoyed this thought-provoking article from TIME Magazine which reports that social media is giving women in Indonesia a 'new voice.'

Meanwhile in South Korea; the country welcomes a new president-elect - and Park Geun Hye is a lady! You can read about the challenges she will face and her future leadership plans in this story from CNN.    

Thanks for checking out this post. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the stories covered above and if you know any other eye-opening articles - do share!


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