SATIN OR SILK: 5 Cheap & Easy Lunch Recipes I Want to Try

Saturday, February 16

5 Cheap & Easy Lunch Recipes I Want to Try

These freeze-able burritos from Shutterbean look so good. A much healthier and tastier version of any other microwave food I've settled for in the past. 

Smitten Kitchen's Eggs in Tomato Sauce would be perfect for Brekky or Lunch. Yum. 
poached eggs in tomato sauce
Image stolen from Smitten Kitchen

Using mostly pantry ingredients, the only thing you need to cook for this Tuna Pesto Salad recipe is the pasta itself. Save even more time by cooking extra pasta for dinner and using leftovers!

These Beef Quesadillas use pretty basic ingredients and I love that you can really switch it up with any ingredients you like. 

Beef quesadillas with avocado smash
Ben Dearnley via

This potato salad from The Picky Eater looks delish and you could easily substitute in whichever ingredients you like (or don't like).

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