SATIN OR SILK: Interview with Tasha from Fashion Blog TLC

Thursday, February 7

Interview with Tasha from Fashion Blog TLC

Today I am super excited to be featuring fashion blogger Tasha Cleary of TLC. In this interview, we talk celebs, style secrets and saving our pennies.

"For me fashion is more about dressing to suit yourself, and pulling it off confidently. Not dressing in what you think you should wear just because everybody else is."
- Tasha Cleary

What is your earliest fashion memory?
Most of my early fashion memories relate to my cousin. She’s a year older than me and has always been a best friend to me. I have a vague memory of us both being dressed in matching red-rose print dresses that had identical shorts underneath. I also always remember how growing up we would play dress-up at our Nan’s house, and there was one pair of silver heels that I always wanted to wear, but she always got to first! Then of course there were all the puffy, velvet & satin party dresses I was subjected too. Now I can’t stand the feel of velvet!

Why did you decide to start your style blog?
I first got into blogging in 2010 at university. I’d always wanted to blog but never had the courage too, until it became a required part of my degree. My blog quickly became overloaded with wish lists and fashion photography and I soon developed a massive reading list of all my favourite blogs, most of which orientated around fashion. My blog suffered as my final year at university took over my life and then I was off travelling, so when I returned I decided to start blogging again, on a brand new blog. This time I’m making it everything I’ve always wanted it to be. I hope to add a lot more of my personal style to it, as soon as I can brave doing outfit posts! I’m not the most confident in front of a camera. But mostly I blog because I enjoy writing, and as I adore fashion it just made sense that I would blog about clothes, amongst other interests in my life.

Do you take style inspiration from any public figures?
I take style inspiration from every single fashion blog I read, that’s the whole reason I enjoy reading them. It’s so much more inspiring to see how a normal, every-day girl styles an item than to see how a celebrity has been put together by a professional stylist. That said, I do adore Alexa Chung, the Olsen twins, Cara Delevingne, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba (amongst many, many others) for their sense of style!

Celeb Style

How do you choose which trends to buy into each season?
I simply go with what I like, and what I think suits me. If I don’t think I can pull it off, or it doesn’t suit my style/personality, I wont buy into it just because it’s on-trend. For me fashion is more about dressing to suit yourself, and pulling it off confidently. Not dressing in what you think you should wear just because everybody else is, and feeling like a fool. For example, I adore midi dresses; I think they look incredible on a lot of girls. But on me, they look silly. I have relatively long legs (a trait from my dad), and yet they make me look stumpy, and a little granny-ish. So I won’t buy one.

Do you have any tips for staying on budget when restocking your wardrobe or makeup bag?
Don’t be afraid to shop in lower price-range stores. Not everything stylish has to come from Topshop. I’m aware people have mixed opinions on Primark, but you really can’t beat it for low budget pieces that will instantly update your wardrobe. This is particularly key when buying into a fleeting trend. If you know it’s something that won’t be around next season, why pay an extensive amount for it? Simply buy it low cost and feel less guilty when you throw it away because it’s no longer ‘cool’. Also, hit up the charity shops! Some of the best-dressed girls have sourced their clothes from charity shops, and let’s face it; it’s one of the best ways to be unique! As for make-up, I’m more about the drug-stores than the high end stuff. It may not be as high quality, but I’d rather pay £1 for a daring coloured lipstick from MUA at Superdrug, than waste a lot of money on something it turns out I don’t like. Finally, stay on budget by only buying the pieces you truly love. If you’re unsure, leave it behind, chances are it’ll be left sat in your wardrobe, when you could have spent those pennies on something far more versatile that you actually love.

What has been your most worn item lately?
Probably my high-waisted jeans from ASOS. They’re a gorgeous deep indigo colour, and they are so soft and comfortable that they don’t feel like jeans at all. They look great teamed with over-sized tops for a comfortable, casual look that still looks like you’ve made an effort.

Describe your go to outfit for a last minute event.
At the moment, it’s my high-waisted black leggings that I brought in Thailand because they are just like American Apparel riding pants, with some sort of pretty top. It’s the perfect way to look dressed up without having to put too much thought into it. Failing that, reach for a little black dress and you can’t go wrong.

Now for a deep and thought-provoking one; what’s your favourite lip shade of all time?
Lipstick is new in my life. I’ve always felt too shy to wear it to be honest. But as I develop my make-up obsession, I find myself craving lipsticks more. At the moment I adore deep plum lip colours, but I’m not brave enough to reach for it yet. For myself I am loving an orange-based red colour I picked up in Australia. And you really can’t beat a classic red lip can you?

And your favourite fashion brand/label?
On an affordable level, I love H&M for on-trend pieces at a budget price. If money was no object, I’m a big fan of Alexander Wang and Henry Holland.

Tell us your ultimate style mantra.
I don’t really have a specific mantra, but I’m a firm believer in dressing for your body shape. The most flattering thing you can do is buy clothing that suits your figure and fits you well. Don’t be afraid of the sizing on the label, it’s just a number, and no one will know. The fit is far more important than what number is written on the label. 

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