SATIN OR SILK: My 3 Day Travel Wardrobe

Saturday, February 23

My 3 Day Travel Wardrobe

As promised, here is a post showing what I packed for a recent trip. I've also included five tips that always make packing easier for me.


 photo DSCN2072_zps36c472a5.jpg
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1} Get organised with laundry and make sure that you have all your clothes (or at least, as many as possible) washed and ironed.

2} Then it is super easy to pull items from your wardrobe and start creating outfits. I like to hang things together on a portable clothing rack but laying them out on your bed works too!

 photo DSCN2073_zps1cfdee81.jpg
    3} Pack each day's outfit in a packing cube or something similar (Yes, I use Eagle Creek Packing Cubes because I'm a luggage nerd.) This will mean less time getting ready and more time to enjoy the day!

     photo DSCN2081_zps6f9b2942.jpg

    4} Just in case you do need to mix and match at your destination; stick to a colour palette with 3 neutral shades and 2 colours. Here I have started with grey, black and denim then added accents of taupe and khaki. 

    5} Try to pack no more than one pair of shoes, one handbag and one heavy coat where possible.

    I hope this helps. Have a fabulous weekend!



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