SATIN OR SILK: How to Fix a Holey T-Shirt DIY

Friday, March 1

How to Fix a Holey T-Shirt DIY

For this week's DIY I have fixed a holey T-shirt by adding heart-shaped fabric patches to it. This project is so easy and has even survived the washing machine - twice!

 photo DSCN2102_zps36aad9e6.jpg
 photo DSCN1907_zps3783c39d.jpg

Step 1} 

Gather your materials! I used: scissors, thread and tailor's chalk plus my old T-shirt and the fabric for my patches.
 photo DSCN1903_zps4b7a8bb0.jpg

Step 2} 

Using tailor's chalk (or any kind of wash-out marker) draw your desired heart shape and cut it out. I wanted my T-shirt creation to have a slightly *ahem* rustic feel, so my hearts weren't perfectly shaped. If you want to be more precise, any printed heart picture attached to the fabric with pins would make a perfect template.
 photo DSCN1910_zpsead7916d.jpg

Step 3}

Locate the holes in your T-shirt, and stitch them up. It doesn't have to be neat as you won't see the stitching, but make sure it is strong!

Step 4} 

Position your hearts over the holes and sew them into place.
 photo DSCN1913_zps1827572f.jpg
 photo DSCN1915_zpse8df5108.jpg

And your done!


This shirt will be included in a full outfit post tomorrow so stay tuned!


 photo DSCN2101_zpsca38f399.jpg



  1. Great post! I actually have a couple of holey shirts that I couldn't bear to get rid of, now I know how to fix them. <3


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