SATIN OR SILK: My Easy Manicure Tutorial (Lazy Girl Approved)

Monday, March 25

My Easy Manicure Tutorial (Lazy Girl Approved)

Start your week off the right way with great nails...

 photo DSCN2246_zps965751ed.jpg

You will need...
 photo DSCN2229_zps0ee1a079.jpg

 photo DSCN2231_zps886ad021.jpg

Always make sure that your scissors are sharp and sterile.*

*Learn from my mistakes I am really lazy with this.

 photo DSCN2234_zps4f4afbf1.jpg

I like to use a crystal nail file (steal borrow one from your Mum/sister/girlfriend if needed.) Always file in one direction.

 photo DSCN2235_zps80a38711.jpg

Newsflash: this is actually a lip balm! I would never use it on my lips as it is too drying but i like to rub it into my nail beds. Any excess can be wiped off with a tissue but a little residue will remain - and that's okay. Your nail polish will dry just fine but if you make any mistakes in the painting process, it can be wiped straight off! Genius.

 photo DSCN2236_zpscc08c9f6.jpg

I used Pink Ribbons by Butter London and finished with my O.P.I top coat for extra shine and staying power.

 photo DSCN2239_zps2577b8b6.jpg

Finish with a hand and nail cream :)

 photo DSCN2243_zps47e47954.jpg

While I don't normally recommend mixing flammable liquids with an open flame; I like to burn a scented candle to help counteract the nail polish smell. Ecoya candles are always a winner to me and this sweet pea and jasmine beauty is no exception.

 photo DSCN2248_zps32348216.jpg

Et voil√†! Now to admire all your hard work and enjoy your new nails. 

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