SATIN OR SILK: What I am Packing for 5 Weeks in Europe!

Tuesday, April 16

What I am Packing for 5 Weeks in Europe!

I don't know about you but I have always been scared of having my luggage lost, and with so many connecting flights ahead of me, I knew that now was the time to face my fears and carry on! So I'm packing for a 5 week trip with a teeny-tiny-less-than-seven-kilos suitcase. Think I'm crazy? Everyone else does too, but I know it is possible and you can do it too!

These are the accessories that I am taking:
- 1 warm scarf
- 1 shady (and warm) hat
- 1 beanie
- 1 pair of sunglasses
- 1 small evening bag (I will also be using this sans strap as my travel wallet)
- 1 big tote (my "personal item") to carry extras without exceeding on-flight baggage limits.
- Jewellery is not shown here but I shall be taking 1 simple pendant necklace and 1 pr of stud earrings

 photo DSCN2287_zps0e2f3b69.jpg

As for tops and dresses, I will bring:
- 1 long sleeve tee
- 1 detailed tank
- 1 khaki boyfriend tee (commmmmfy)
- 1 lightweight sweater
- 1 lace dress (for something, er, dressy)

 photo DSCN2272_zps6a9af8b6.jpg

Jeans are GREAT and can be worn a couple of times each in cool weather. These will be joining me:
- 1 pr of light blue skinnies
- 1 pr of navy bootcut jeans (verging on a subtle bell-bottom, really)
- 1 pr of black sleek and stretchy jeans/leggings (not jeggings though, I swear)
 photo DSCN2342_zpsddfb058e.jpg

Now for the outerwear. To cover all occasions/weather conditions I will take:
- 1 macintosh
- 1 cotton drill shirt (I think I bought a men's shirt by mistake, it's an XS but it's MASSIVE. Woops)
- 1 faux-leather motorcycle jacket. This could make pyjamas look good, seriously.
 photo DSCN2278_zpsbfdb4ea5.jpg

And finally... The shoes!
- 1 pr of black ballet flats (already worn in)
- 1 pr of Palladium boots (not so very worn in - but they soon will be)

 photo DSCN2293_zps1cbf377a.jpg So that's it!

Do you tend to pack light or over-pack?


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  1. I think I'm good at packing, I backpacked for a number of years so that taught me to pack light. Enjoy your trip :)


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