SATIN OR SILK: Paris and London Fashion Haul: American Apparel, All Saints, Zara...

Thursday, June 20

Paris and London Fashion Haul: American Apparel, All Saints, Zara...

Finally! The clothes (and maybe a pair of shoes) that I bought on my recent trip.

I made my very first visit to All Saints in Selfridges, Oxford Street and purchased this silky grey tank and taupe jersey dress. I love how this label puts an unexpected spin on wardrobe basics to create pieces that are unique and wearable, simultaneously.
 photo DSCN2985_zpsd52bb721.jpg
Tank and Maxi Dress // All Saints

Both of these tops were purchased in a shop called Belle Demoiselle in le Marias. Despite the name, this store also offers women's clothing, not just girls'.
 photo DSCN2974_zps3db145d6.jpg
Camisole and Tee // Belle Demoiselle

I picked up this top for 20% off at a Biscote store in Passy. This is one item that I honestly did not know what to wear with when I bought it, but I loved the electric blue colour and laser cute details so much that, well... I just needed it. Don't judge me.
 photo DSCN2975_zpsbd3216e7.jpg
Top // Biscote

Back in London, I purchased this jersey maxi dress from American Apparel. I have always wanted to try this brand because of it's sweat-shop free standards so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to visit one of their stores. This dress was my best friend when flying out of Paris (that's 13 hours to Singapore and another 8 hours back to Australia) and I know that it will get a major workout when the weather warms up again. Now that I know my size I have a feeling I will be buying another from the online store...
 photo DSCN2993_zps5e6b66fe.jpg
Maxi Dress // American Apparel

I picked up this navy cardigan at Zara on the Champs-Élysées. In the past two weeks I've worn it almost every day!
 photo DSCN2980_zps9c1e8250.jpg
Cardigan // Zara

The shorts were also purchased from Zara. I live in shorts during summer and I just couldn't resist pink denim.
 photo DSCN2986_zpsf8ca2326.jpg
Shorts // Zara

These beautiful shorts were scored from Oasis on Argyll Street, London. The pattern is actually embroidered into the fabric and they look quite high quality. I thought these would be perf for a (classy) night out.
 photo DSCN2987_zps36192617.jpg
Shorts // Oasis

I also kind of bought a kilt. My Sister-and-Law and I decided that it would look nice with boots and I'm pretty excited to wear it.
 photo DSCN2989_zps4dc1cfba.jpg
Kilt. Yes, a kilt // Somewhere in Edinburgh (this shop was sadly closing down when I was there)

I bought these ankle boots on sale for about 16 pounds in Inverness. After today's mishap with a pair of $30-barely-worn riding boots that busted a hole I should probably take note that cheap shoes are a bad idea. #yolo.
 photo DSCN2990_zpsd3dc02a9.jpg
Boots // Internacionale
"You mean that's all you bought??" Calm down, I'm preparing to post my vintage and thrift clothing haul for next week.


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