SATIN OR SILK: Vintage & Thrift Haul: Le Marais, Chelsea and Edinburgh

Thursday, June 27

Vintage & Thrift Haul: Le Marais, Chelsea and Edinburgh

Time to share the items of second-hand clothing that I bought overseas. Enjoy x

I am in love with this crochet top that I found in a vintage store in le Marais. The best part? It was only 5 Euro! I wore this on Monday with a black tank top and skinny jeans. 

 photo DSCN3000_zpsad049f5f.jpg

This gorgeous double-breasted herringbone blazer was purchased from the Oxfam boutique in Chelsea. At 39 Pounds, this Italian made beauty was a little pricey, but I love it and the money went to a good cause. When buying second hand coats, it's a good idea to inspect the lining too - I noticed on the first wear that the lining has come away at the bottom but luckily that's easily fixed.
 photo DSCN2999_zps6d96c31c.jpg

This denim shirt is a find from Tilt Vintage (the Le Marais store). It's great for layering during colder weather or as a cool cover up in Summer.

 photo DSCN2997_zpsa3ffd125.jpg

This was my first vintage purchase from Paris. An old Liz Claiborne shirt. The print is really interesting and I think it will look cute with a high-waisted skirt or jeans.

 photo DSCN2996_zpsaa495967.jpg

I bought this little checked shirt from a Save the Children charity shop in Edinburgh. It's nice with some fitted pants and I can't wait to rock it in Summer with some denim shorts.
 photo DSCN3001_zps07abc1f8.jpg

This sweater was also picked up from the same Save the Children store. I haven't worn a turtle neck since I was 4 years old so we'll see how this goes!

 photo DSCN3004_zps098cfe72.jpg

This Vanessa Bruno (?!!) jacket was scored at an Edinburgh PDSA pet charity store for 13 Pounds. It's actually from her Athe' range which I think is like a diffusion line but it is still made in France and has proven to be a very warm, trusty coat. Love it.

 photo DSCN3009_zps25623775.jpg

This skirt was also from the PDSA and cost about 5 Pounds. It fits perfectly and is the perfect length (hard to come by at 5'8").

 photo DSCN3011_zps63ebc397.jpg

Hope this haul inspired you to check out some second-hand clothing. It's great for the environment and your wallet and you'll always have a unique look. Happy shopping.


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