SATIN OR SILK: 5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Tuesday, July 30

5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

There is a lot to be said for the humble bottle of olive oil. It's a natural alternative to many beauty products and can save you money as a little bit goes a long way. So grab your nicest bottle of EVOO and discover the five beauty products that you'll never have to buy again...

Eye Makeup Remover

Simply soak up some olive oil with a cotton ball and eye makeup will slide straight off. Remember to still be careful not to get it into your eyes.


Olive oil soaks in well to damp skin and makes it feel suuuper smooth. It's especially good for rough feet; just rub in, slip on some socks and go to sleep!

Shaving Cream

Slather onto moist skin for a smooth shave and moisturised legs. Your skin will be much happier :)

Split End Treatments  

Rub a few drops of olive oil between your fingertips and apply sparingly to the ends of your hair. Leave it to soak in and damaged ends will feel much smoother.

Nail Cream

Apply a little to any dry skin around finger and toenails - your at home manicures and pedicures will look better instantly!

I hope this helps, please share if you have any tips of your own!


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