SATIN OR SILK: Favourite Chaity Shops: UK Edition

Saturday, July 13

Favourite Chaity Shops: UK Edition

I am a big believer in buying from op shops; it's cheap, sustainable, charitable and every item is unique. Sometimes, though it can be difficult to find the stores that are really worth visiting so I've compiled a list of my three fave charity shops around the UK. Hopefully soon I will be more experienced at thrift shopping at home and I can share all my Aussie hot spots with you. Let me know if you know any good places too - anywhere in the world!

Save the Children South Bridge, Edinburgh

With dirt cheap prices, this Save the Children is mostly filled with chain store items in good condition. I bought a George turtleneck sweater and a H&M checkered babydoll shirt for 5 or 6 GBP in total. The opposite half of the shop stocks homewares so don't forget to watch out for cute pottery or frameable art.

Save the Children works in 120 countries to save children's lives and fight for their rights. You can also shop online to buy items that are donated to kid's in need or items for yourself to help fund the work of this organisation.

Get Directions to Save the Children South Bridge here
Or find a listing of their Australian Op Shops here

This area is not too far from Princes Street and is also peppered with plenty of great places to eat (pun most definitely intended). You'll also find a few more charity stores along this street including the Cancer Council and a PDSA. 

PDSA High Street, Edinburgh

This store had a whole lot of stock when I visited, there was even a section dedicated to vintage-style clothing. Items seemed to be priced slightly higher here than in other stores but I did score a Vanessa Bruno Athé wool blend blazer for 13 GBP.

The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals provides free veterinary treatments to pets whose owners are unable to afford the services of a vet. This charity is funded purely by public support including volunteers and donations. 

Find this PDSA here

Oxfam Boutique King's Road, Chelsea

Be warned. The word boutique is key here. This shop houses cast off designer items and chain store buys in premium condition. On my visit, I spotted a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, Tory Burch flats and an Italian made tweed blazer (totally bought it). This one is in a great location too as you will surely find it when strolling from the Portobello Road markets in search of a loo and some (non-street stall) food.

Get Directions for Oxfam Boutique King's Road here

To see the items that I purchased from these stores, you can check 'em out in my Vintage & Thrift Haul: Le Marais, Chelsea and Edinburgh


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