SATIN OR SILK: How to Style Distressed Denim

Thursday, July 18

How to Style Distressed Denim

Obviously the way we like to style different pieces is totally personal and everyone will have a different interpretation, but if you're a little apprehensive about distressed denim (which would be fair enough) here is my advice...

To make distressed denim work without looking cheap, just keep the rest of your look polished, modest and simple.

Minimalist accessories make these shorts more high fashion and less highschool disco.  

A long sleeve, slightly oversized top will keep you covered up top to strike the perfect balance between covered and bare skin. No crop tops allowed!

And although we are keeping accessories clean and simple, a small statement item like this gold watch can help to create a more luxe feel.

Styling Distressed Denim

Note: there is a biiiig (about 2 inches) difference between a pair of shorts which actually qualify as clothing and something that is practically disappearing into your derriere. In short, make sure they are cut well and always try them on to make sure they will be long enough.

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Patterned shirt
27 AUD -
Vintage shorts
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GUESS bracelet jewelry
98 AUD -


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