SATIN OR SILK: 3 Vegan Makeup Brands

Thursday, August 1

3 Vegan Makeup Brands

There may be thousands of beauty products on the market but sometimes it can be hard to find those that suit your lifestyle and ethics. I've covered quite a few cruelty-free makeup brands in the past but today I wanted to take it a step further for anyone in search of makeup without ingredients derived from animals. I feel like there is a growing range of vegan makeup available, especially in Australia, so here are just three popular brands that are widely available and offer all the makeup products you need.


This luxury makeup brand uses organic and natural ingredients to produce high-quality cosmetics. Think glowing illuminators, loose eyeshadows, creamy glosses and natural-looking foundations. 



OCC is a go to if you're after crazy bright makeup shades in eyeshadows, lip tars and nail polishes, but there are plenty of neutral shades available too! They do everything from tinted moisturiser to cream blushes. 




This Australian made and owned company manufactures cosmetics free from many harmful ingredients including parabens and bismuth oxychloride. I also love that they are commited to the environment in selling product refills to reduce landfill and producing makeup without the use of environmentally disastrous palm oil. I really want to try their cream mineral foundation and that pink lip gloss looks gorgeous!


Stockist info below...

INIKA blush brush
29 AUD -
29 AUD -
INIKA beauty product
50 AUD -
INIKA beauty product
26 AUD -
Vegan beauty product
20 AUD -
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polish
8.80 AUD -

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