SATIN OR SILK: 6 Natural Hair Dyes and Colouring Products

Saturday, August 10

6 Natural Hair Dyes and Colouring Products

So I think we can all agree that hair dye is a pretty amazing beauty product. It can completely transform your appearance, boost your confidence and refresh your personal style, but sometimes traditional dyes can be damaging on our hair. Some of us may even be allergic to the ingredients they contain.

I have only ever coloured my hair once and I didn't regret it, in fact, I loved it! A few months (and a few inches of regrowth) later, I'm ready to freshen up my locks again but I don't want to go back to the harsh hair dye that I used originally. So I've found a few natural alternatives and natural-based hair dyes that are designed to be kinder to your hair and even make it stronger.

I hope this helps you too!

Hair Colours


Offers a range of permanent hair colours (with 100% grey coverage) using vegetable ingredients and wheat proteins to strengthen hair and decrease breakage by up to 80%.

Free From:
Ammonia Resorcinol
Heavy Metals
Mineral Oil
Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphate
Formaldehyde derivatives

Find NaturStyle products online here

Tints of Nature

Semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, highlighters, shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments made with Certified organic ingredients.

Free From:

Find Tints of Nature products online here 

Natralia Nourish NatureColour

Hydrating and strengthening treatment with 100% grey coverage and colour that lasts for up to 5 weeks.   

Free From:
Artificial colours/fragrances  

Find NatureColour online here


Bonvit Natural Henna Herb Colour

This company is 100% Australian owned and manufactures their herbal products in Australia.

You can find their Henna powder here

Colora Henna Creme

This henna creme is less potent than henna powder and is best for those with light hair. Colours and conditions the hair without ammonia or peroxide. 

You can find it online here

LUSH Henna Blocks 

A vegan and cruelty-free product to add colour, shine and condition to your hair. LUSH stocks henna blocks in a variety of shades from bright reds to warm coffee shades and you can find them here.


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