SATIN OR SILK: Clothes That Double as Gym and Street Wear

Friday, September 20

Clothes That Double as Gym and Street Wear

I completed Blogilates' Ultimate Fashion Blogger Workout with Chriselle Lim video yesterday and it left me feeling inspired to do this post. And also a little sore. 

In our mission to become more sustainable shoppers here, we want our clothing to be as versatile as possible. It's easy to get sucked into buying cute workout gear and some things are strictly workout-only (hello, yoga pants) but I have found five items that can work on the street and in the gym. Or the backyard, or the living room or wherever you workout! 

Street vs Gym 3

I am lusting after Keep's Elias high top sneakers. Not only are they perfect for the street or gym but they are vegan and ethically manufactured too. It's a win, win, win. Pair them with a simple tank, sports-luxe skort, aviators and a classic tote for a practical and stylish ensemble.   

Sreet vs Gym 1

A pair of tie-waist shorts can easily do double-duty as street and workout wear. My tip is to find a pair that you would buy as everyday apparel but would be comfortable and practical for exercise, rather than trying to dress up something too sporty. Team with a striped long sleeve tee and flats for a casual yet polished look or a great tank and sneakers for your workout.

This cotton canvas tote bag is so versatile for any purpose. It could make a more stylish alternative to your normal gym bag and also be used as a roomy travel bag or shopper.   

Street vs gym 2

A fitted singlet is a must for yoga sessions. A few forward bends and downward dogs is all it takes for a swing tank to end up around your ears. Not good. This one is from American Apparel and is made from organic cotton. 

The humble tank top is also a flouncy skirt's best friend. Just add heels and a gorgeous tote bag to make this ensemble street friendly.   

Street vs Gym 4

I love the motivational slogan on this Asos jumper! A big cosy pullover is perfect for those times when you feel like it's too cold to get up early for a workout- trust me - just get going and you will soon warm up. If the weather is cold, it's a good idea to keep a jumper on hand for after the workout so that your body doesn't have to deal with a crazy temperature drop. Do you like these blue New Balance sneakers? They're made with vegan materials!

There's just something really cool about contrasting a big jumper with denim shorts. This outfit would be great for rainy days or weird transeasonal weather when you just can't tell if you're hot or cold. Oh, and the shorts pictured are vintage Levis! Tres eco-chic.  


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