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Wednesday, September 11

Ethical Fashion Brand: Made Jewellery

Made is a brand making a difference by providing employment in Kenya for those who create their unique handcrafted jewellery. This helps to break the poverty cycle by giving people the opportunity to generate their own income rather than merely receiving financial aid.

I have checked out the online store and was pleased to find that it caters to a range of budgets. When products aren't manufactured in sweatshops, you expect them to be more expensive than those of non-fair-trade shops but surprisingly, Made's prices are totally comparable to those of popular chain stores.

This brand's eco-conscience is also evident in their packaging; every piece comes in a gorgeous fair-trade bag made from recycled fabric offcuts. Cool, huh?

You can read more about Made here and here


Made Jewellery

Stockist info below...

60 AUD -

Adjustable bracelet
31 AUD -

Ngoo Ring - Jewellery Made UK
17 AUD -

Mpendwa Ring - Jewellery Made UK
17 AUD -

Urafiki Bracelet - Jewellery Made UK
26 AUD -

Nduramu Necklace - Sale Made UK
31 AUD -

Kamba Bracelet - Sale Made UK
12 AUD -

Omurasio Ring - Sale Made UK
20 AUD -

Mpendwa Bangle - Jewellery Made UK
26 AUD -

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