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Tuesday, September 3

Olive Skin Care Review

I was recently searching for some new products to try at Healthy Life and came across Olive skin care. This New Zealand-made cosmetics brand is committed to using sustainable processes and natural ingredients.

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Their products are free from:
Mineral Oils
Propylene Glycol
Petroleum by-products
Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Animal products

And all are:
Ph Balanced
Scented with hypoallergenic fragrances
Packaged in recyclable, reusable and minimal packaging

I couldn't decide what to try first so I purchased their Go Natural Pack. Not only do these packs allow you to trial the products but they're great for travel or as gifts. I was pretty pleased with everything included in this little bag of olive oil goodness so I wanted to share my reviews and let you know the products that I would buy again.

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Shampoo and Conditioner

I love that this shampoo is sulphate free but still lathers up really well. The conditioner has a very thick, oily consistency and is 10 times more effective at detangling my hair than my usual one. Despite it being so oily, it doesn't leave any residue - great for getting that olive oil treatment without the greasy locks afterwards. I would definitely use the shampoo and conditioner again and I think they would be especially beneficial for anyone with dry hair.

Shower Gel

Sometimes shower gels can be a much of a muchness but this one was a standout for me just because of the scent. I think I'm in love. It is so refreshing to use and I think I would buy this again just because the fragrance is so uplifting.

Body Moisturising Milk

This body lotion is great if you are looking for a lightweight moisturiser. It's perfect for the warmer months but if you get very dry skin like me in Winter then you may require something a little more heavy duty.

Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover

This cleanser was very gentle and never left my face feeling tight or dry like others have in the past. While it was gentle on my skin, it was still very effective at removing my stubborn eye makeup!

Nourishing Day Cream

Much like the Body Moisturising Milk, this formula is very lightweight. I think it provides the perfect amount of moisture for the face as this skin is much thinner than that of the rest of our body. It also works well under makeup to create a smoother base for your foundation.

I hope this review helps you! Would you like to try any of these products? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. I thought this looked familiar and then I realised it's the sister line to a range called Tebe which I wasn't that impressed by. Interesting to read your thoughts on the travel/trial pack ;)


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