SATIN OR SILK: Outfit and Lunch of the Day

Wednesday, September 25

Outfit and Lunch of the Day

On Monday I got to check out a cute new cafe in Toowoomba (okay, so it was opened in early 2011 but it's new to me, alright?) Firefly is situated at no. 444 Ruthven street and serves great quality meals. Their seasonal menu caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, of course! I ordered the Panko Crumbed Mushroom Risotto Balls served with wilted spinach and a pumpkin and cashew pesto - was delish. Lunches on the current menu start from $14 and I feel they are all very well priced for the quality and value - my meal was very filling! I also think it's worth mentioning that we spilled a coffee and the barista replaced it for us. Needless to say they got a little tip for their great service. 

 photo 62789C5D-DC0B-45B5-B7A9-59CA63ADB7FC-1763-00000147B49D74F8_zps04570769.jpg
 photo 8E3A1843-6CB8-427F-95E0-1B8BB466204A-1763-00000147BCBF0E44_zps8ac01c96.jpg

Click below for my outfit!

 photo 4D7B7A8B-A65E-41F0-88D9-9528BC5BC0C1-1763-00000147CAAF2053_zps7d30fbf7.jpg
 photo A45F3B49-6C1F-41C1-B033-9C0E9CCE92EF-1763-00000147D807BA52_zps29ecbf39.jpg
 photo D6269FBA-E8B0-4CAB-BB3B-ED758D59DDFD-1763-00000147D086A74C_zps0c060e38.jpg
Cardigan: Zara
Top: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Oasis
Bag: Guess
Shoes: Target


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