SATIN OR SILK: Printed Pants: My Picks and Styling Tips

Saturday, September 14

Printed Pants: My Picks and Styling Tips

Printed pants are a prevalent trend showing up in chain stores everywhere lately. Anyone who has stepped foot into their local Westfield in the past 2 months will know exactly what I mean. Would you wear them, though? I'm undecided right now but I think you can definitely style them in a way that is classy and flattering! If you are going for a pair that is fitted, now is the perfect time to throw on a long shirt. In the same vein, a fitted crop is the perfect partner for something more relaxed and with a high waist (we don't need no belly buttons on display, okay?)

How would/do you style printed pants?

How to Style Printed Leggings

Topshop long sleeve button up shirt
78 AUD -

Aztec pattern pants
68 AUD -

Charlotte Russe platform sandals
52 AUD -

Pocket purse
59 AUD -

Made bracelet bangle
54 AUD -

Ways to Style Printed Pants 1
White shirt

Komodo blue pants
61 AUD -

Peep toe wedge sandals
95 AUD -

Free People woven purse
140 AUD -

Ocean background image
1.08 AUD -


Ethical Printed Pants

FAIR true print trousers
96 AUD -

Komodo slouchy trousers
75 AUD -

Komodo pants
61 AUD -

Aztec patterned legging
68 AUD -

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