SATIN OR SILK: What I Eat: 7 Healthy Breakfasts to Try This Week

Monday, September 16

What I Eat: 7 Healthy Breakfasts to Try This Week

I haven't posted anything food related in a long time so today I wanted to share a few healthy breakfasts that I love to eat.

For me, a good breakfast always includes:
  • Lots of protein and complex carbs for energy
  • Fibre to keep me feeling full until lunch
  • At least one serving of fruits or vegetables!

The apple and cinnamon baked oatmeal was inspired by Cassey from Blogilates' blueberry baked oatmeal recipe which you can read here

What do you eat for brekky?

 photo a3f24bb6-8e35-41cd-b9b3-e1b2be04ead2_zpsdf8f83f9.jpg
Avocado and poached eggs on rye
 photo CerealwithGreekYoghurt_zps6a272d90.jpg
Muesli with raspberries and Greek yoghurt
 photo CerealwithKiwiFruitandGreenTea_zps4ea7033c.jpg
Muesli with Kiwi fruit and Greek yoghurt and a cup of fair-trade organic green tea
 photo BakedAppleandCinnamonOatmeal_zps1492406c.jpg
Apple and cinnamon baked oatmeal
 photo OatmealwithBanana_zps0b99e5d5.jpg
Oatmeal with banana and Manuka honey
 photo CleanBananaSplit_zps011fea15.jpg
Clean banana split with Greek yoghurt, raspberries, slithered almonds and honey
 photo 08460342-c4b0-479e-8495-e3290fc0e6b5_zps9a80b929.jpg
Scrambled eggs on pumpkin seed toast with tomatoes and mushrooms


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