SATIN OR SILK: Interview with Little Book of Fashion's Sarmistha Goswami

Friday, October 18

Interview with Little Book of Fashion's Sarmistha Goswami

Today I am excited to share my recent interview with Sarmistha of Little Book of Fashion. We cover her styling tips, celebrity inspiration, shopping advice and lots more. I even got some of her insider tips on working as a fashion designer!

I hope you all enjoy this interview and thanks for reading,

Kate x

What inspired you start Little Book of Fashion?

I love to share my ideas about fashion trends, my personal style and love to interact with fashion professionals across the world. Blogging is a great platform to do all of this and that’s the main reason I created LITTLE BOOK OF FASHION. Also, I am currently taking a break from my full time profession as a Fashion Designer as we are moving cities. My blog is therefore my only way to stay in touch with Fashion.

Who would enjoy reading your blog?

I write about fashion, beauty, upcoming trends, DIY tips and tricks and post my personal style photographs. My readers are beautiful people with lot of interest and passion for fashion and style. 

Why is fashion important to you?

Fashion gives me an opportunity to look good, feel good and get creative. Being a professional Fashion Designer, fashion also helps me earn my bread and butter. Needless to say fashion plays a very important role in my life! 


Name the five most-worn items in your wardrobe.

Skinny jeans, denim jacket, black tee, flats and a roomy bag are a part of most of my everyday outfits whether worn together or individually with other items.

5 Most Worn Items


How do you like to style them?

I create a lot of fun combinations out of these 5 items. Anything with skinny jeans looks stylish and feels comfortable. I throw in the denim jacket to beat the chill. Black tees goes with all kind of bottoms, but when I decide to wear one, I prefer teaming it with colored denims or printed pants. I wear flat as I have to walk a lot but I carry a spare pair of heels occasionally in my bag for a quick change.

Tell us the number one styling tip that you live by.

Shop according to your personality and body type and do not just follow trends blindly. Give lots of importance to a good fit and do not ignore the comfort factor completely in the need to looking good.

 photo LITTLEBOOKOFFASHION-3_zpscf1e7ec0.jpg photo LITTLEBOOKOFFASHION-4_zpse02211b5.jpg


Are you a trend-follower or trend-setter?

I am mostly a trend follower, but I personalize my looks with a lot of statement accessories there by creating unique looks. Those are areas where I would like to think that I set a trend in my own little way!

Do you have a style icon?

I love Victoria Beckham for her classy outfits and Jessica Alba for her casual, sweet girl next door style.

Victoria Beckham


I have noticed that some of your outfits feature a few flea market items, what do you love most about second-hand fashion?

I do hunt down the flea markets often for lots of my wardrobe pieces. I mostly pick my jewelleries and accessories from the flea markets of various places. I love the Indian flea markets and over here they do not sell second hand products but they are fantastic places to hunt for unique stuff that looks great at a fraction of branded price. I mostly look for handmade items which are beautiful, exotic and uncommon.


Can you share any tips for scoring the best finds at flea markets or thrift stores?

Wear flats as you have to walk a lot, keep looking at all the shops as you never know where your favourites are hiding, and of course, be prepared to bargain hard!! 

How did you get into fashion design?

It was a dream of mine since childhood to get into fashion design and I finally fulfilled it by getting into the best institute of my choice to do a 3 year diploma in Fashion Design. I completed my course in 2005 and have been working with various organizations as a full time or freelance designer.

Can you offer any advice for those who want enter this field?

Fashion Design is all glamour and pomp only from outside. The inside story is full of hard work, sleepless nights and bad hair days and nights! I would advise anyone to study fashion design only if they are really passionate about it and ready to put in the effort. There are many other courses where one can still be part of fashion without being a designer.

Can you let us in on any exciting plans that you may have for Little Book of Fashion in the future?

Little Book of Fashion is a very young fashion blog and I hope to build on it in the coming months. I do have some plans but nothing in a final stage to be shared. I would request all the beautiful fashion lovers to keep visiting my blog or follow me in Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram ( to be the first to get all the updates of my blog!


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