SATIN OR SILK: The 3 Hot Spots I Can't Wait to Visit in Sydney

Sunday, October 27

The 3 Hot Spots I Can't Wait to Visit in Sydney

So I'm really excited to be taking a little holiday in the coming months- and I'm going to Sydney! Eek. This will be my first time there so I can't wait to discover some great new shops, eating places and maybe even a decent hair salon. I've found a few places so far that I will definitely be scouting out.

Do you know any cool places to check out in Sydney? Do Share! x


Grandma Takes a Trip

I have been hearing about this vintage fashion store for so long and although they have a few locations across Australia, I am yet to visit. Hopefully when I am in Sydney I can make this happen. Along with racks of vintage clothing they also have their own label Altered State made from recycled fabric. This store is undoubtedly a great source for sustainable fashion - and each piece is unique! Still need convincing? You can read more about Grandma Takes a Trip on Broadsheet here.


Iku Wholefood

In case you don't know, I'm not a vegetarian. I still eat fish, chicken and (on very rare ocassions) beef, but I prefer to eat vegetarian where I can. When I'm on holiday, eating out all the time and have so much choice of what to eat at every meal, I like challenging myself to stick to vegetarian options. When I had a week in Melbourne last year I lasted the whole time without any meat and it was a good way to stop myself from going totally crazy and eating whatever I wanted. In Sydney I would love to try a meal (or three) at Iku Wholefood where the food is not only meat-free but vegan and most importantly it's healthy and clean too!


Ing Hair

So about a year ago I let my friends dye my hair blonde and we all loved it. I really want fully blonde hair again but have been looking for a cruelty-free, naturally-derived dye to use. I'm also not confident to do it myself yet and am thinking of treating myself to a little professional treatment. Ing Hair looks like it will be perfect for me with their herbal-based dyes and reasonable pricing.


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