SATIN OR SILK: Nourish Naturals NatureColour Hair Dye Review

Tuesday, November 26

Nourish Naturals NatureColour Hair Dye Review

It's almost frightening to think that one whole year has passed since I was enjoying the sun, sand and general lack of responsibility that is Schoolies week. Why is that so scary, you ask? Because up until Saturday afternoon, it had also been one whole year since my hair had undergone the magical colour transformation that every teenage girl dreams of: from mousey-brown to more of a shiny-golden-hamster blonde.

 photo NatraliaNourishNatureColour_zps75231318.jpg

Five inches of regrowth later (It was verging on unintentionally-ombre) the time had come for an intervention. True to my forever paranoid form, I wanted to use something as gentle as possible and avoid the super-strong chemicals like resorcinol and ammonia commonly present in hair dyes. With this criteria in mind, I was thrilled to discover that my local pharmacy stocks Nourish Natural's NatureColour and I soon purchased it in the shade 9N 'Macadamia.'

It sounds good enough to eat but the box says 'do not swallow' so you should probably try to avoid that. It does smell nice, though and didn't irritate my throat like most everyday hair products do. Another big concern about hair dyes is that they might be irritating on the skin and scalp but I didn't have any issues with this, personally. Just remember to do an allergy test 48 hours before going ahead.

So how easy is it to use? Okay, confession time: I got my mum to help me. Since my last hair colouring experience was aided by two close friends who I trusted to use a streaking cap on me (and I mean very close friends, it's not going to work with anyone who will get offended if you swear at them) I wasn't confident going it alone. Luckily though, I was fully conscious this time and can remember the entire process quite clearly.* There is a pretty detailed instruction sheet in the box which you will need to use as you do your hair, but if you'd like an overview before you go ahead a purchase the dye, it basically goes like this...
  1. Rule one: no glove, no... um, just wear gloves to protect your hands, okay?
  2. Squirt the full tube of Cream Colourant into the Cream Developer Applicator then add the Vitamin Colour Booster sachet. The viscosity of this shit is crazy so make sure you only snip off a tiny corner and don't be fooled by the little slit on the side. It will go everywhere if you use that to open it.
  3. Shake it all up. With the lid on too, that's important.
  4. Now you are ready to remove the tip of the applicator nozzle and start applying the solution to clean, dry hair (preferably washed one day ago). Squirt the dye out in little sections and use your fingers to distribute it evenly through your hair. It's hard to see the back of your own head, at times, but your best bet is to keep going until you can't feel any more dry patches. My hair is long but quite thin so one box was plenty for me. Those with thicker hair may need to buy two boxes!
  5. Now put on the highly attractive plastic cap and leave to develop for 40 minutes. This is the perfect time to send snapchats to all your friends imploring them to guess the fabulous new shade your hair is about to take on while simultaneously catching up on New Girl. Once the episode has finished and you have fully recovered from the excitement of Jess and Nick finally getting together you will need to rinse out your hair completely. Then put on the Post-Colouring Conditioning Masque for 2 minutes and rinse again. 
Word of warning: during this final step I may have had a slight freakout. And it was nothing to do with the Nick and Jess excitement, either. I glimpsed at my roots peeking out from under the sexy hair net and for a second (longest second of my life) I thought my hair was turning orange.


I fought back the only way I knew how; with my Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo. It honestly fixes everything. Between the first rinse and using the conditioning masque, I slathered my hair with this shampoo and left it one for 5 minutes. After this whole process I blow-dried my hair to assess the situation - and my hair was fine! Now I'm not sure if this dye would have made my hair uber orange or it just looked that way while it was still developing but if you are worried about this - make sure you have an effective toning shampoo close by. You will need to use one every few nights anyway to stop the colour from turning brassy. 



In the before, you can see my blonde is seriously grown-out and my hair is brown on top. Now the ends are still lighter, of course, but the colour is far more even. Not dramatically different but I was really happy with the results.

So that's my brief low-down on this product. So brief. What hair colours have you tried? I want to hear about the ones you loved and the ones you hated! Especially the ones you hated.

Kate x 

*Just joking 

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