SATIN OR SILK: I Cut Off My Hair! + 10 Reasons to Get a Long Bob

Saturday, December 14

I Cut Off My Hair! + 10 Reasons to Get a Long Bob

So I recently woke up to the fact that maybe I hadn't been taking care of my hair as well as I could have been. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a trim and my haircare routine was less than extensive. Forget, split ends - my hair was breaking off in chunks and it was time to take serious action. Luckily I wasn't too heartbroken as I've been thinking about getting a lob for a very long time and now that my hair was officially a mess anyway, I had the perfect opportunity to chop it off with no regrets.

I asked my hair dresser for a long angled bob (a.k.a a concave bob) and took this picture of VB as inspiration. She went slowly and cut it gradually shorter at the back so I could choose exactly how angled I wanted to go.

be sure your edgy slant isn't too blunt. "Ask your stylist for a classic a-line bob that is slightly piecey," says Williams. "The sophisticated cut is simple to style -- just flat iron and go." Plus, the cut will eventually grow out into a cute lob -- no need to visit the salon again for at least six weeks
Image via Total Beauty

My New Hair! 

So this is how it looks au naturale. I love this cut and don't see myself growing it out again anytime soon. That's what extensions are for, right? But it is surprisingly versatile and so much quicker to style than long hair. My previously under-used Vs Sassoon mini straightener has become my new BFF for creating a sleeker look. I only use it towards the ends of my hair and curve inwards to stop my hair from flicking out (so 2002, ugh).


  1. You can split your styling time in half
  2. You'll use less product and therefore save money
  3. You can switch up your appearance. Without getting a septum piercing.
  4. Less knots!
  5. Easier up-dos
  6. It can look perfectly polished
  7. Even though it's seriously low maintenance
  8. You'll stay cooler in hot weather
  9. And look cooler. Short hair is the epitome of nonchalance.  
  10. It's empowering


I promise there is a style for everyone!
Relaxed Lob
Asymmetrical Lob
Chic LobMinimalist Lob



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