SATIN OR SILK: Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul! Priceline, Kmart and Price Attack

Sunday, December 22

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul! Priceline, Kmart and Price Attack

During Friday's Christmas shopping expedition I managed to pick up a few new beauty products for yours truly.

 photo Juicehairproducts_zps327c35ab.jpg

First stop was Price Attack and it should be noted that entering this store on a bad hair day could have costly consequences. On this particular occasion I was struggling with the limp and lifeless mess that results from a 4 AM start followed by a four hour car trip. Oh, and did I mention it was my best friend's 18th birthday the night before? Yeah. I wanted volume and I wanted it for less than $6; that's when I reached for the Velcro rollers. At 60c each I chose 9 rollers in 3 different sizes which came to an impressive $5.40. I'm wary of these potentially damaging my hair but I figure they will be much gentler than heat tools. I also purchased some hair products from the cruelty-free, Australian-made brand Juice. I have wanted a sea salt spray forEVER and grabbed their Sea Air Mist for $22.95. I had also run out of my Klorane dry shampoo and decided to replace it with Juice's Dirty Deeds which was $16.95.

 photo nadsfacialhairremovercreme_zpsefaebb81.jpg

At Priceline I made my least glamorous purchase - Nad's Facial Hair Removal Creme. I scored this one for $6.36 at 15% off. I think this product is quite good value even at full price and it includes a full-size tube of aftercare cream as well. Winning.

I was also on the hunt for a Christmas-Eve-appropriate red lipstick at Kmart and found an Australis lip pencil in 'Lady in Red' for $8.75 and the Face of Australia Lip Quench lipstick in 'Forbidden Fruit' for $9.25. I wore these last night and they actually match really well together.

So that's everything I bought. I can't wait to try out the new hair products and I may even do a review or tutorial on them if they're rave-worthy enough.What beauty goods have you scored recently?


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